Over the Roar of the Rotors

By Mike Cornell

Over the roar of the rotors

I told a lie

The last words you would hear-

You’ll be all right, we’re almost there

The rotors sing their lament

On the wings of an angel

You were gone

Your hand limp in mine

The rotors sing their lament

You were the first

But not the last

When do you run out of tears

The rotors sing their lament

Why should I ever want to pass on

Memories that are lurking subconsciously 

To spring forth like thieves in the night

A cascade of sights, sounds and odors 

Experienced long ago

The sounds of the rotors

Permeates my sleep

They sing their song

Forever a part of me

I do not hide from the truth

White wash cannot take away

The machine guns angry snarl

Limbs and torsos carried like discarded trash

Blood covering the spent cartridges on the floor of the copter

Hollowed eyes of the living

Unseeing eyes of the dead

Then there’s tomorrow

The rotors sing their lament

The irony of it all

Taking the life of one

To save the life of another 

The rotors sing on

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