Memories Keep Us Linked Together

Written by Dianne Neuman Whittington

When John first contacted me about this project, I did not really understand what would be involved or that I had anything that I could contribute. Then he told me it would be a blog and I was even more confused.  I am not sure that I totally understand what a blog is now but I can tell you what it has become for me.

As I read the things that others had written, my memories of growing up in Midland began to fill my every thought.  Things that had not crossed my mind in years became as clear as if they had happened yesterday. Most of the memories brought smiles and laughter but some were ones that were teaching experiences that were hard at the time but necessary as I grew up and left Midland.

Glenn and I have always tried to stay connected with people that have walked in and out of our lives.  “What’s in the Water” created another path for us to reconnect with Midland friends and share many hours of stories and laughter.

One of my favorite folk singers was and still is Glenn Yarbrough.  One of his songs- I have no memory of the title- was about being “a link in the chain”. His words have followed me from 1967 to 2020 and I understand them more now than I ever have.  It does not matter if we accomplished great things or just lived our lives the best we could–memories keep us all linked together.  I believe that this project has made all our “links” stronger.

2 thoughts on “Memories Keep Us Linked Together

  1. John McElligott June 22, 2020 / 6:14 am

    Well you are one of my fondest memories. All ways smiling. ❤️

  2. Mike Morris June 22, 2020 / 10:47 am

    Oh so true on the “links” statement. And the greatest mechanism most of us thankfully still possess is our gift of memory. Like you, once I began reading some of the stories other “Drinkers of The Water” had to share, memories of my growing up years in Midland began flooding, (a term not much used there), into my thoughts.

    Every reader and contributor would love to read the stories of those precious occasions you can share with us that have stayed locked up for those many years. Happy writing (for our enjoyment too!).

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