Memories of MotoBill

Written by John McElligott

Bill was a Water Drinker, and a Sky Pilot on Wheels. My reconnection with Bill started at his motorcycle shop in Austin, and once again when he brought his Racing Team to the Candelaria Ranch. He was a daredevil deluxe and jumped over my 4 wheeler by 75 feet (down a mountain) that made his flight last what seemed like forever. He then became the Water Drinker with balls as big as Dallas. Bill raced all over Mexico and EU. 

More recently, Harry Miller asked me to see what I could do for Bill’s declining health. We became close friends. Bill was one of a kind and broke many bones in his body by racing. As his on call Doctor,  we talked frequently and I called his FPMD about my ideas. It worked well until Covid started. This was an Ass Kicker for us all. Travel was not possible.

Bill was tough and flew his own kite!! We talked the days before he passed and he was improving at a hospital on the gulf coast. He was shipping me a few buckets of oysters just a few days ago.  Bill was able, thanks to Harry Miller, to meet with me and the founders of “What’s in the Water in Midland, Texas, last year. See the picture below by Charles Hall.

(L) Suzi Northcutt Griffith, John McElligott, Bill Kasson, Charles Hall, Gus Jones, Drew Steele Parham, Dianne Neuman Whittington, Harry Miller

Bill was one of a kind and I am so glad we all reconnected with him. See more pictures on the Blog of his adventures.

One thought on “Memories of MotoBill

  1. Belle Starr Gregg February 1, 2021 / 9:12 pm

    Thank you for writing this John. My dad was quite the dare devil! My brother Will has followed in his footsteps with just as many broken bones. Daddy touched the lives of many and is dearly missed.

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