“Hide Behind” and Semour.

Written by: Harry Miller

Harry Miller had a “Hide Behind”

A hide behind is a creature that no one has ever seen an lived to talk about. Sometimes  called a “Worser”, cause nothing is worser than it. It’s a good thing to tell the young kids about to get them in at dark. They’re everywhere. When you walk through the woods and hear something snap a stick or make a noise behind you, and you turn around quickly but see nothing… that’s a “Hide Behind”! You can tell if one is around when you hear an owl hoot. They are warning you. When it got dark out at my ranch in Mills County TX my kids loved exploring, but as it got dark would be back in camp without me having to holler out or go look for them thanks to the owls.

Harry Miller had a “Hide Behind”
The head of a “hide behind” is an upside down deer butt with the tail turning into a beard , the anus into a mouth with teeth and then given glass eyes.

Semour…the real story…

A close buddy of mine wanted to mess around with some friends. He borrowed the “Hide Behind” put ice in a 150 quart ice chest then stuck four severed legs from a deer he killed along with the hide behind head in the ice so that it looked like a whole complete animal was under the ice except the legs and head poking out… And then splashed deer blood over the top of the ice to be more convincing. He goes into the local bar and proceeds to tell people at the bar that he had been out hunting that day. As he’s telling the story, friends are buying him beers.  He explains that while out hunting, several doe came up and look at the feeder. They seem anxious and jittery so the hunter thinks there must be a Buck close behind. He waits patiently and suddenly this “THING” jumps out. He asks all the locals in the bar if there is a nuclear plant anywhere nearby? Everyone denies  a nuclear plant, and are more and more intrigued about the story the hunter in telling. They continue to buy him more beers. The hunter says, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It was a big monkey kangaroo looking thing. Are you sure there is no nuclear plant?” All the locals  in the bar are asking to see this “creature.” So, the hunter proceeds to take them out to the car to take a look. As more and more people start gathering around, he opens the cooler.  They scream, “DIABLO”- you shot the devil and some run frantically and call the Game Warden. 

The local paper wrote a disturbing article about hunters that had discovered a very bizarre and dangerous animal.  Adults and children alike were warned to not walk alone, stay indoors after dark, and to take extreme precaution as this animal appeared dangerous. In addition, it was suspected that there may be more than one! While we do not have the original article, here is the follow up article once the town figured out they had been snookered.

2 thoughts on ““Hide Behind” and Semour.

  1. John October 21, 2020 / 7:46 pm

    Thanks Harry Wayne. The best story ever!!!

  2. Michael Proctor October 22, 2020 / 10:15 am

    I think Lighthorse had one too many cervezas.

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