Ruth Ann Erskine Allred-MHS Class of 1959

After leaving MHS, I drove straight to Austin and the University of Texas. Tennie Bush and I roomed together at the then brand new, Kinsolving dorm. In 1959 the University had only 18,000 students, and those ofus from Midland (Judy White, Beverly Childress, Tennie Bush) felt quite safe walking about the campus.

I graduated from the University with a BS degree in Interior Decoration and married Leland Allred from Wichita Falls, Texas, where I have resided for the last 45 years. Leland is in Sporting Goods and had his own store, before figuring out that those who sold to him, made more than he did! He has been a sporting goods representative for the last 25 years and his best line today is UnderArmour. I think the reason our marriage has lasted so long is that he travels during the week, and is only home on the week-ends.

We have two children, Catherine and Cullen. Cullen lives here with his wife and six children, and Catherine and her husband live in Coppell, Texas. I worked for Anheuser-Busch for 25 years in Public Relations and Community Involvement and met almost every person who lived in Wichita Falls. After retirement I have been working two days a week for a rancher, who lives here in Wichita Falls. He has a CattleMax program that I move the cattle from pasture to pasture, weigh, breed, buy, sell, feed, etc. all on the computer.

My life sounds very dull compared to those who chased Patty Hearst and own several homes, but I wouldn’t exchange it for anything and am thankful every day for all my blessings.

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