Andy Elliott- MHS Class of 1959

We moved to Midland when we were all in the 1st grade to a neighborhood with the
Scobeys, Shirley and Sharon Watts, the Erskines, Pat Whitaker and Suzanne Martin
who lived around the corner on Club Drive. Wade Parks was a late arrival, about the 4thgrade as I recall.

I attended North Elementary with many of those already
mentioned and Hope Russell, Charlie Giesey, Bill Hudson, Allen Hitchcock,
Pris Nichols, MaryAnn Breedlove, Tommy Craver, Pete Lekisch, and many more.
On to San Jacinto in the 7th grade and more people and teammates that became
life long friends. Next came MHS our Sophomore year. Many good, lasting
friendships began here that have lasted a lifetime. Wonderful memories too many
and vivid to share here. Like the rest of you I’m sure. 18 and bulletproof!

What a great time to be alive.

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