In the Year 2525

Written by John McElligott

The song “In the Year 2525” by Zager and Evans came out in the late 60’s and has always made me think of what is going on today and what may progress in the future . I have seen my fellow physicians leaving the practice due to the lack of support from the federal, and is some cases, state governments.

I left private practice due to a medical problem that took 2years  to resolve. The group I was with did not want to wait for me, so they eliminated my position. Following this, I started a practice that was not subjected to the federal government and very little with insurance companies. The state issues were only guidelines that dealt with workers who were injured on the job.

So I have been spared the trauma of dealing with insurance companies and federal issues, since my business is exempt from these very challenging issues, but sadly these are the reasons all of my classmates and fellow hospital based MD’s have left the profession.

I am still working and will continue until the day I am cremated. I am posting this song since it reminds me of what may happen to our country and the world.  I hope not, but is sounds  similar to what is transpiring now in our world.

God Bless America!!!!

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